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Xing Ke enterprise style
"Pragmatic" is the excellent style of Xing Ke consistently adhered to. From the strategic decision to enterprise operation, management, manufacturing, marketing, from the idea of value, thought understanding to enterprise culture, practice, international communication, always seeking truth from facts, modesty, calm and pragmatic to ensure enterprises along the track of healthy and sustained development.
"Decency" is a common practice of the popular science and technology. Heart, body, end of line is a donkey hide gelatin people internal self-cultivation and consciously, from top to bottom, from the inside to outside, from the past and present, from the development of entrepreneurship, this quality in Xing Department has been actively fosters, for enterprises to create ideal atmosphere for the development.
"Yan Ji" is a distinctive personality characteristics of Xing ke. Li Ji will strictly discipline must be in accordance with, from top to bottom, from the inside to the outside, everyone is equal; strict discipline, strict requirements, rigorous, enterprises acting in unison, the decree smooth, carry out completely, for the enterprise to create a great impetus to the overall.
"High efficiency" is the special style of work. "Rapid response, immediate action; immediately to do, to ensure satisfaction". Xing Ke is the high speed, high efficiency, high quality of attitude and style of the face of every day of work, in the face of the whole process of each work, to the enterprise to create extraordinary speed, extraordinary scale development conditions.
Xing Ke values
Xing Ke to world environment all my responsibility, to protect human health for the mission, planning enterprise development strategy confirmed target for the development of enterprises, enterprise configuration of material and spiritual cultural resources, let the lofty sense of mission conversion is a powerful impetus to the development and civil environmental industry and the revitalization of the maintenance of human health to make great contribution.
Hing Branch of the highest purpose is to maintain the human home environment. The lofty mission of the establishment of the Xing Department the pursuit and development have the inexhaustible driving force, two two-way integration the Xing Department has the rich philosophy and spiritual resources, and condensed transformation for the precious cultural wealth, from generation to generation.
Xing Ke vision
Xing Department of corporate vision is a green earth times, evergreen, we want to by a strong push, harmonious development, Xing Department of purification products is not luxury all smell, the all smell, but globally smell, this is Xing Ke founded Huawen brand the ingenuity of the original intention to become a truly world famous. Through the creation of harmonious labor, through the full realization of the essence of each person, through the full display of the value of every employee's life, the building into an outstanding enterprise.


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