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Snkon After-sale Service
Hing Branch environment has an international first-class after-sales service system and system. In today's world, the level of after-sales service has become a symbol of corporate brand and strength of the brand.
"Buy products, buy services" has become the consensus of customers. Committed to the brand building Xing Ke instrument to seize the characteristics of the era and the market rules, the after-sales service and enterprise technology updates, product quality control of the same important position.
The following contents are the following:
The 24 hour 400 free service hotline opened;
The professional engineers then call a reply within 1 hours;
3 product tracking service;
The product service deadline reminder service;
The recall service;
The repair and replacement service;
The product parts library;
The customer database file;
Specific content refers to:
24, 1 hours 400 free service hotline opened:
As long as you want to buy Snkon products, or you buy Snkon products need related services, or you buy related products with the industry to Snkon services, are free to call the Snkon open 24 hours service hotline 400 telephone you at any time: 400-666-5772 (corresponding to 66637071), professional engineers to keep electrical connection reply to you the problem, can instantly reply, reply on the spot; not answer on the spot, promise to you within 1 hours to reply or not to answer phone plan; technical staff personally to the scene, our customer service personnel service commitment in the fastest time (Jiangsu commitment for 2 days, according to the distance and other traffic) arrived at the scene. To help you. Every time you make a phone call Snkon software database will be recorded, when you call, Snkon computer can display all the time you buy products from all call records and problems.
2, product tracking service (process). Remind service, recall service, repair and replacement services.
Our products will follow the tracking service since the time of shipment. Our after-sales service department of professional engineers will be shipped, when and your phone to communicate, to inform you of the time of receipt, equipment and the need for equipment commissioning and other issues. At the same time, we will give you the development and establishment of customer database. You are in any country in the world, as long as the Internet, visit our website enter your product serial number (unique logo). Will be able to enter the Snkon for your design of the entire service system. You can easily download any information about your products from our server, including parts prices, shipping, etc.. You can also reflect your ideas and opinions on the further improvement of the product through the network to the Snkon engineer. If your opinion is accepted, you will receive our gifts.
When you buy our products to a certain period of time, our engineers will regularly remind you, you pay a return visit to solve the problems in your production, to exclude your inconvenience.
Except for war, fires, earthquakes, typhoons and other not resistance and apparently contrived reasons result in loss of products, even if you artificially negligence the product equipment can not be normal operation, business impact, Snkon after your request for information will be the first to give your products solve scheme or maintenance plans, if no maintenance necessary and cannot run, Xing Ke instrument will immediately to your implementation of product recall system. When your products to inform Snkon engineer, Snkon commitment in the day to send you the same products, to meet your needs. You can also on the day we shipped the fault products sent back Snkon headquarters maintenance station. Send the products to reach you, after the normal operation to ensure that your normal production and operation under the premise, and then the failure of product recall Snkon headquarters maintenance.
Snkon has a commercial reputation for your commitment.
3, parts library and customer database.
In order to facilitate your production, Snkon network computer system to provide you with a comprehensive detailed parts library. Just if you buy a Snkon product, through the serial number of your product into your Snkon page, you will get more favorable prices and services than ordinary accessories buyers.
In short, Snkon powerful products, network and customer service network will be ready for you to provide effective services. If you need help from Snkon, open your computer landing Snkon network, you will can get you want service. Of course, you can also call us 24 hours free 400 hotline: 400-666-5772 directly and our engineers to discuss.
Let the world breathe, and enjoy the air! Please start from the Snkon success, sincere service. )


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